Attitude change must to make our cities better
As urbanisation in India increases, it is vital to keep in mind environmental concerns and use natural resources sustainably and conservatively if our cities are to tackle climate change.

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‘Are Biofuels Worse than Gasoline for the Climate?-
Most gasoline sold in the U.S. contains some ethanol, and the findings, published in Climatic Change, were controversial. They rejected years of work by other scientists who have relied on a more traditional approach to judging climate impacts from bio energy – an approach called life-cycle analysis.

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‘Human-Driven Warming Started Nearly 200 Years Ago, Study Finds-
To fully understand the warming of the planet that is being driven by human emissions of greenhouse gases, scientists need to examine the history of climate changes on Earth. Hampering this effort is the fact that direct measurements of temperature and other climate data only go back to about the late 19th century.