Community Based Mitigation And Adaptation In Water Resources, Agriculture, Forestry, Other Land Use, Animal Husbandry And Climate Risk Proofing

Climate change particularly impacts poor and vulnerable people. However, many communities have been dealing with climate variability for decades and have wealth of knowledge about adaptation and mitigation action. Community based adaptation and mitigation action on climate change focuses on empowering communities to use their own knowledge and decision making process to take action. The award category focuses on initiatives related to conservation of water and land resources reflecting mitigation and adaption goals aimed at increasing resilience of communities, to tackle challenges arising out of climate change. It aims to recognize community based initiatives for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Innovation in Climate Action

The development and adoption of new technology is an essential element of any comprehensive response to global climate change. This Award category focuses on development and use of innovative products or services, policies which help in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and building resilience. While many technologies to effectively tackle climate change may not yet exist commercially or are too costly. With this award we look more closely at the processes of technological change and innovation and the factors that may influence them. We also look at the uniqueness of the solution/product for solving complex climate change challenges both for mitigation and adaptation activities. Some such innovations may include new climate finance mechanisms, technology focusing on carbon capture and storage, adaptation and mitigation action with different climatic scenarios, IT integrated solution using technologies such as ICT, Big data, AI etc.

Leadership in Urban Climate Action

Globally, cities with urban poor communities, face long term challenges in ensuring the wellbeing of their inhabitants. These challenges are partly result of direct and indirect impact of climate change.

Furthermore, with economic growth and increase in population, cities are expanding, and are on the peril of land use change, thereby stressing the existing infrastructure & resources and having a detrimental impact on adaptation and mitigation action of climate change. With the processes of expansion and shrinkage projected to continue to influence the global landscape of cities, this award category aims to recognize organizations that protect and enhance urban centers in order to maintain and build adaptive capacity and moderate climate related risks. This award category aims to recognize the importance of urban centers in combating climate change. It looks for initiatives signifying innovative solutions through policy and implementation based projects and initiatives.

GHG Mitigation in Large Enterprises

This category of awards focus is on industries across the large sector, that have demonstrated considerable leadership and willingness to reduce carbon intensity of their operations. The Award emphasize on the reduction of all greenhouse gases (directly / indirectly) in particular and not limited to Energy Conservation & related emission reduction alone.

Leadership of Women Led Enterprise in Climate Action

While climate change has different impacts on men and women, it is therefore important to have gender sensitive climate action that are addressed by women focusing on the women needs. Women led organizations are leading on climate action and with our category of awards we aim in recognizing women leaders that steer climate action. The award aims in inspiring and encouraging women leaders to achieve their true potential. It aims to strengthen women’s leadership roles in order to facilitate more gender responsive action to address climate change on ground.