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The Earth Care Awards (ECAs) is a joint initiative of JSW and The Times of India group, the campaign highlights locally evolved climate friendly practices in the production and consumption regimes across multiple sectors with special reference to climate change. It recognizes the actions and innovations for climate change mitigation and adaptation by communities, entrepreneurs, large scale industries, women led enterprises and urban bodies. The award recognizes, verifies, and promotes the replicable initiatives and interventions on the greenhouse gasses (GHG) emission reduction, natural resource conservation, energy efficiency improvement, development and promotion of innovative eco-friendly alternatives across various sectors of development.



The 9th edition of the JSW and Times of India
saw many innovations and dedicated efforts to counter climate change being duly recognized and celebrated. Congratulations to all the winners, you are truly living by example. #EarthCareAwards

Krishna Sahu is the second winner in the Women in Leadership Role. She has dedicated herself to transform the lives of the disenfranchised agricultural communities of MP through agriculture and promotion of gender equality. #EarthCareAwards

Sadhna Deshmukh wins the coveted award for women leadership in climate change. An entrepreneur who has enabled 1000+ women in the draught affected Latur district in Maharashtra to use entrepreneurship to climb out of poverty.

Our last category tonight is a new category this year - women leadership in climate action. A category that was introduced to recognise how climate change impacts various demographics differently. #EarthCareAwards

Hyderabad based NGO Dhruvansh wins in the Urban Climate Action category. They dedicated the award to nature's ability to self purify with the help of a gentle touch from organisations like Dhruvansh. #EarthCareAwards

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128 INF BN (Territorial Army) Eco Rajputana Rifle

The Earth Care Awards praised the efforts of 128 INF BN (Territorial Army) Eco Rajputana Rifles for its extensive and well-managed plantations, and efforts to combat desertification in India. The initiative of stabilization of sand dunes along the Indira Gandhi Canal with a 90% survival rate of the plantations, eco-restoration and contribution toward something protection of threatened species, is recognized through this Award.


Cochin International Airport 

Cochin International Airport became the first airport in the world to be fully powered by solar energy by commissioning a 12 MWp solar power plant. ECA lauds Cochin International Airport’s commitment to reduce its Carbon footprint and recognizes its leadership in Urban Climate Action. 


The Royal Bank of Scotland Foundation India, Mumbai 

Kanha- Pench is one of the most crucial wildlife corridor linking two important tiger reserves i.e. Kanha Tiger Reserve and Pench Tiger Reserve. Royal Bank of Scotland, interested in working on biodiversity initiated work on the concept of landscape approach for conservation of this corridor. RBS is implementing a sustainable livelihoods project in conjunction with the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department….


GUJARAT, Aga Khan Rural Support Programme

From decentralized water-management to providing bio-gas units for individual households, the programme works for economic empowerment and institution-building in the eastern tribal belt of Gujarat. The project helped develop ownership of common…