2nd Edition

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Unit – Nasik, Maharashtra
The Nasik unit of Mahindra & Mahindra, through several interventions in last three years has achieved reduction in specific energy consumption by 23% and in thermal by 39%. Similarly specific water consumption has been found reduced by 60% over last three years.

Jai Malhar Village Watershed Committee
The Jai Malhar Village watershed Committee emerged through a project in soil and water conservation. Villagers devised wide range of approaches to conserve water like barriers (contour bunds, check dams, gabions) and shallow excavations (contour trenches, farm ponds reservoirs in bedrock), starting from ridge to valley to arrest the flow of surface runoff. The project reflected identification of vulnerability factors and village level challenges and devised sustainable and cohesive means of devising adaptive practices.

Society to Uplift Rural economy (SURE)
SURE has been working with the poor and destitute in the villages of western Rajasthan (Barmer district), one of most arid geographical terrains. SURE along with its Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) (with support from Indian council of Agriculture Research) has worked towards increasing the adaptive capacity of people especially in the drought prone areas.

Watershed Organization Trust (WOTR)
WOTR, established in 1993 undertakes holistic and integrated developmental activities for poverty reduction in resource-fragile and rain-fed areas in India. WOTR through its programme and project interventions significantly regenerated the environment and has over the years turned barren landscapes into forests.

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC)
KSRTC in collaboration with a Singapore based company, have implemented the use of ethanol blend diesel (EnerDiesel) in 21 depots covering around 2100 buses. The fuel switch has led to substantial reduction in the consumption of diesel, reduction in concentration of vehicular pollutants and improvement in fuel efficiency of the vehicles.

(Prof) Dr. Harender Raj Gautam
The innovation is related to development of plant additive (Botanical Formulation) which helps in reducing the pesticides (energy intensive production process with health and associated impacts on soil quality) used to insulate paddy. This results in decreased application of pesticides and increasing reliance on use of organic and bio-pesticides.

Prakriti Biotech Farm – Jal Urja Pump
A water pump that utilizes the water head to elevate water 4-5 times higher elevation. This pump operates without use of any electricity or fuel and is suitable for the hilly/mountainous regions where water constantly flows down and is not in use by the surrounding areas.

Farmland Rainwater Harvesting System
This filter segregates the impurities due to dust and leaves on rooftops and helps collect rainwater either directly for use in storage tanks or to soak pits for recharging. This additional device helps rain water harvesting system store and conserve clean rain water devoid of dust particles and other biomass from the terraces.