About Earth Care Awards

Started in 2008, The Earth Care Awards , a joint initiative of JSW and The Times of India group have been recognising and championing efforts towards climate mitigation and adaptation. The awards aim to recognise the work of individuals, organisations, and communities that are leading the way in combatting climate change, from reducing their carbon footprints to developing innovative technologies and initiatives. The intent of the ECAs is to showcase impactful, practical, scalable, and replicable cutting-edge solutions for our planet that can respond to the challenges posed by climate change. 

Over the last 15 years, the ECAs now in their 11th edition, have evolved into a definitive platform that celebrates change leaders with widespread recognition amongst industries, non-governmental and community-based organisations, and government institutions across India and South Asia. 

As the effects of climate change continue to worsen, it has become increasingly important that urgent and comprehensive action is needed to mitigate the damage and ensure a sustainable future for our planet. COP27, also known as the ‘Implementation COP’ puts emphasis on rapid, deep, and sustained climate action across the globe. It also highlights the importance of the roles of different actors- local communities, cities, civil societies, governments, industries etc. in responding to climate change. Further, the IPCC 2022 reports that global warming, reaching 1.5 degree Celsius is a near-term risk that would cause unavoidable increases in multiple climatic hazards and present risks to various ecosystems and humans. It also emphasises the need for climate resilient development that integrates adaptation measures with mitigation to advance sustainable development for all.