About Earth Care Awards

The Earth Care Awards (ECAs) is a joint initiative of JSW and The Times of India group, It is a national awards program that recognizes and incentivizes exemplary climate stewardship of individual leadership, organization, corporates as well as state actors in response to climate change. The award recognizes locally evolved transformative models/ solutions that address the need for building/ enhancing the climate resilience capacities of the vulnerable groups/ infrastructures/ system and process those that drive climate actions. This award wishes to bring forth those cutting-edge solutions that are impactful, practical, scalable and replicable. Initiatives such as renewable energy development, energy efficiency, reduction in emissions, development of sustainable infrastructure, nature-based solutions, community-led ecosystem conservation, development of eco-friendly energy sources, replenishment of depleting natural resources, etc. are some of the possible ideas, but not necessarily limited to.
The Awards are into their 10th edition, of a successful journey that started in 2008. Since then, the ECAs has evolved with time and have gained widespread recognition amongst industries, non-governmental and community-based organizations, and government institutes across India and the entire SAARC fraternity.