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India ranks 5th in Global Climate Risk Index

India is the fifth most vulnerable country to climate change, according to a report released by Environment think tank, Germanwatch. In the Climate Risk Index 2020, India’s rank has worsened from the 14th spot in 2017 to 5th in 2018 in the global vulnerability...

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UN climate change meet begins in Madrid

​​​The twin objectives of the Conference (COP25) are to bring more and more nations on board to work for ‘net zero emissions’ by 2050 and finalise rules on how countries can reduce their emissions using global carbon markets. Source: Time of India

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Heartbeat of blue whale recorded for first time

Scientists have recorded the heart rate of the blue whale for the first time, and revealed surprising operating extremes of the heart that may limit the size of the largest animal on the Earth. The data suggests that a blue whale's heart is already working at its...

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Climate change making El Ninos more extreme: Study

With greater intensity, these events can worsen storms, drought, and coral bleaching in El Nino years. The findings, published in the journal Geophysical Review Letters, showed compelling evidence in the Pacific Ocean that the stronger El Ninos are part of a climate...

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