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9 deer at famed park in Japan die after eating plastic bags

Nine deer at a famed park in western Japan have died recently after swallowing plastic bags. Nara Park has more than 1,000 deer and tourists can feed them special sugar-free crackers sold in shops nearby. The crackers don't come in plastic bags, but people still carry...

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New Zealand bans single-use plastic bags

Companies that break New Zealand's ban will face heavy penalties, including fines of up to $67,000. Plastic pollution has become a growing global concern, with a million birds and more than 100,000 marine mammals injured or killed every year by becoming entangled in...

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Crocodiles went through a vegetarian phase too

Research suggests vegetarianism evolved at least three separate times in ancient crocs — a conclusion reached after scientists studied the unusual teeth sported by many species, including the Simosuchus described above. The researcher analysed 146 teeth from 16...

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Spain wildfire out of control amid Europe heatwave

A forest fire in Spain raged out of control on Thursday amid a Europe-wide heatwave, devouring land despite the efforts of hundreds of firefighters who worked through the night, local authorities said. The blaze broke out on Wednesday afternoon in Torre del Espanol in...

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