6th Edition


Climate Change

M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, Annamalai Nagar

  • Communities residing along the coasts are one of the most vulnerable to climate impacts.
  • M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) is working along with communities in the coastal regions of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Abandoned shrimp farms around Pichavaram were taken up for developing Integrated Mangrove Fishery Faming System (IMFFS) to Increase adaptive capacity of coastal communities to Stalinization due to sea level rise.
  • The efforts are result of its Coastal Systems which developed methods of managing in an integrated manner sea and land surface along the shoreline.
  • As adaptation measure the integrated Mangrove Fishery Farming System has been able to address the climate change vulnerability in the coastal areas.
  • Earth Care Awards 2015 recognisesM S Swaminathan Research Foundation for developing an integrated mangrove, fishing and farming system to conserve this important ecosystem and enhance access to livelihood opportunities. It also compliments the local community in the Pichhavaram region for its adaptive capabilities.

Sustainable Living

The Royal Bank of Scotland Foundation India, Mumbai

  • Kanha- Pench is one of the most crucial wildlife corridor linking two important tiger reserves i.e. Kanha Tiger Reserve and Pench Tiger Reserve.
  • Royal Bank of Scotland, interested in working on biodiversity initiated work on the concept of landscape approach for conservation of this corridor.
  • RBS is implementing a sustainable livelihoods project in conjunction with the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department, Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) and PRADAN.
  • Foundation for Ecological Security and PRADAN to work with 12,500 households in 175 villages to enhance income from agriculture, develop a basket of livelihoods options that will progressively reduce community dependency on the ecosystem resources.
  • PRADAN works in reducing vulnerability with reference to various aspects of their lives, including enhanced food security and increased bargaining power in economic and socio-political relationships.
  • While Foundation for Ecological Security (FES), works on training and awareness by developing people’s institutions. The Foundation work has helped create sustainable livelihoods for the most vulnerable sections in the buffer regions of protected areas.
  • Earth Care Awards 2015 recognizes the RBS Foundation India for leading a consortium of stakeholders including the Foundation for Ecological Security, Pradan, and the MP State Forest Department, in developing an effective strategy to conserve the Kanha-Pench wildlife corridor. It also compliments the local community for accepting to concede to many of their needs in the interest of better human : animal equations.

Category II : GHG mitigation in Industry

Slashing chemical use

Raymond UCO, Yavatmal

  • Raymond UCO (Denim Division), Yavatmal, is involved in the production of High quality Denim Fabric and Yarn. The firm has taken up several measures to address the key material aspect of water and its conservation in its pursuit for sustainability.
  • Raymond UCO has installed 100% Biological treatment, which ensured the reduction in chemical and acid consumption for treatment and developed a process for complete recycle of water for process use.
  • The unit has continually enhanced its performance on energy and water, with strategic investment and performance.
  • Earth Care Awards 2015 recognises Raymond UCO Denim Pvt Ltd for its energy performance and water conservation efforts.


Waste Reduction

JB Chemicals,Pune

  • Chemical industries world over are seen as a major source of pollution. Small and medium enterprises forms a majority of industries engaged in production of chemicals and speciality products.
  • JB Chemicals working in the field of chemicals has demonstrated significant efforts in setting up environment friendly production of Zinc stearate, used as a lubricant in automobiles and machineries.
  • In Feb 2014 JB chemicals completely turned off its double decomposition process and introduced fusion method for production of Zinc Stearate leading to savings in electricity, water, fuel.
  • The strategy of continual effort has led to development of product quality with minimal ash content and a zero discharge chemical unit.
  • Earth Care Awards 2015 recognisesJB Chemicals for creating a greener industrial process of manufacturing Zinc Stearate.

Cutting Consumption

Surat Municipal Corporation,Surat

  • The climate change challenge requires cities to mitigate and adapt. While they have high energy footprint they are equally vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.
  • Surat, a coastal city, faces the challenges of climate change like Sea level rise, floods, and extreme weather events. Surat Municipal Corporation, known for its progressive work over the years, initiated action on climate change as an important focus area of the city. The corporation has been focusing on adaptation as well as mitigation and working towards building resilience of the city.
  • The corporation created Energy efficiency cell, which worked towards reducing energy consumption in areas of high energy demand like water supply. It created Surat Climate change trust and research based organisation like urban health and climate resilience centre which works on heat and health plan for Surat. The action reflects that adoption of adaptation and mitigation measures can be implemented effectively by city governments and governance mechanisms has significant role to play.
  • Earth Care Awards 2015 recognizes the leadership taken by the Surat Municipal Corporation in promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation effort. This commendation is given to a progressive municipal corporation for providing a replicable model in climate change management.


Harnessing the Sun


  • Energy demand in India – both in urban and rural areas in continuously increasing, however the electricity utilities are unable to meet this rapidly increasing demand.
  • There is an increasing focus on the development of solar energy in India for a variety of reasons i.e. limited conventional energy reserves, their local environmental impacts, energy security, climate change and energy access.
  • The Gandhinagar Photovoltaic Rooftop Program marks the first distributed power generation program in India.
  • GERMI, an autonomous research institute of Government of Gujarat for research and development in Energy Sector developed a novel Public Private Partnership (PPP) concept, resulting in fast uptake of solar rooftop and finding replication in other states.
  • This program aims at maximizing installations of solar photovoltaic systems on rooftops and terraces of private homes; commercial and institutional buildings; and government buildings.
  • Earth Care Awards 2015 recognizes the innovative PPP model for rooftop solar PV developed by the Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI)

Solar Energy

L&T Limited,Chennai

  • India has tremendous solar energy potential. Long term energy security requires large scale deployment of solartapping the potential to meet the energy needs.
  • Ambition to install 100 gigawatts of solar power capacity and making a quantum leap in energy production can be fulfilled through investment and development of technologies at the local level.
  • To provide economically viable and technology superior solar energy solution, L&T diversified in to the renewable energy spectrum by incubating the solar business unit.
  • It has Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) capabilities in offering economically viable and technically superior solutions for solar power plants.
  • innovation were taken up by the L&T while implementing solar power projects for increase the generation from plant and reduce the cost for plant.
  • Its efforts through Construction Skills Training Institute has led to creating a cadre of trained technicians and professional on solar and micro grid technology.
  • Earth Care Awards 2015 recognizes the innovative structural designs developed by Larson & Toubro Limited to promote solar energy technologies in the country.

Saving Water

Data Matrix Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,Pune

  • India ranks first among the rainfed agricultural countries in terms of both extent and value of produce.
  • A major cause of yield reduction would be because of water stress during crop growth Improved water management and energy usage will add to efficiency and also productivity.
  • Datamatrix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. developed a system of Integrated Metering of Pumping Systems. The system enables monitoring the pump wise energy usage and water consumption and efficiencies and provide deep understanding on the water resource and aquifer.
  • This system provides solutions of energy, water and asset management into an integrated solution that is cost-effective and can be remotely managed and continuously optimized.
  • The technology provides with potential to save 25% water from existing water usage in agriculture sector and it cansave 30% of the energy use in this sector.
  • Earth Care Awards 2015 recognises DatamatrixInfotech Pvt Ltd for their innovative use of software to optimise performance of water pumping systems.